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The clever Pharmacy School at QUB put their timetables on Google for students

The School of Pharmacy at Queen's University Belfast share lectures, practicals and other details with students on Google Calendar. This is awesome but updating their Google Calendar account is hard work for the School Office.

Good old Excel sheets are uploaded to the sendtocalendar website

As you know gathering lecture timetables is a job in itself. allows you to upload your venerable Excel timetable data to the web. Well done but how do I get my details into Google Calendar?

And that's it!

The website processes your uploaded Excel timetables and magically populates your Google Calendar with all your lectures and practicals. Students can then access the information on their phones, watches, laptops, get the idea :-)

Wait, there's an App!

The School of Pharmacy have a college in China. Accessing Google is a problem for students in China. made an App for our Chinese friends to fix that problem. The App can talk to the website without having to bother Google. All very clever.